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Studio Carrying Bag
   This large multi purpose bag can be used for storing/transporting all of your photography gear. All four sides are thickly padded with foam to protect your equipment from possible damage due to bumps incurred during transport. There is an extra external pouch for additional equipment you wish to keep separate from the others. The bag is large enough for umbrellas, heavy duty enough for stands, and will provide enough protection for even your most delicate equipment.
Code: 8220 Bag Size: 28"x10"x10"
Side Pocket Size: 12"x4"x10"
Code: 8223 Bag Size: 34"x12"x12"
Side Pocket Size: 14"x4"x10"

Studio Lighting Case
   The studio light case is perfect for storing fragile equipment such as lights or lenses. It features thick, removable foam-filled dividers that you can rearrange to fit whatever equipment you are storing/transporting. The thick foam padding ensures the safety of your equipment, while external clips secure the fastening, and a wide strap over the bag allows for easy, comfortable transport.
Code: 8221 Case Size: 18"x11"x10"
Code: 8222 Case Size: 22"x14"x12

    (The items pictured in the case are sold separately)

Studio Aluminum Light Case
   The aluminum studio lighting case is a multi purpose case for stands, lights, lenses, accessories, etc. It features a heavy-duty aluminum covering for protection, reliable long lasting wheels, and an adjustable handle for easy handling. In addition, there are external straps attached to the front of the case onto which you can attach your stands. The storage compartments are interchangeable¡ªyou can rearrange them inside the case to fit whatever equipment you are storing/transporting, and the internal foam on both sides of the case will prevent damage to your equipment through jostling.
Code: 8250 Size: 24 3/4 " x 16 1/2" x 8 3/4" w/Stand Holder
Code: 8253 Size: 27" x 20" x10 1/2", with Stand Holder
(Stands are sold separately)

Code: 8255 Size: 25"x14"x9" (The items pictured in the case are sold separately)

Stand Carrying Bag w/Built-in Pockets
   This carrying bag is made for transport of light stands and studio umbrellas, featuring three built-in pouches for separate storage of multiple stands/umbrellas. This allows you to transport up to four stands easily, preventing them from scratching and damage. There is also a side opening for easy retrieval of the stands; you can simply slide them out from the side, instead of going through the hassle of extracting them from the top opening of the bag.

Code: 8224 Size: 38"x8"x6"

Code 8500


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