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Mobilight™ DC-600

A Battery operated strobe

  • Computerized output adjustment in 1/2 and 1/10 power setting

  • 360o universal LED receiver for wireless remote control

  • Resistive (quiet) power-dump

  • Customer replaceable flash tube with built-in protector

  • 12V. DC safe working voltage

  • Digital power display on lighting functions

  • Alarm system for malfunction & exhausting power

  • Max. Joule 600 at 5600(+/-200)K

  • Built-in stabilizer for output precision +/-0.1F

  • Dual locking for ceiling rail installation

  • Sliding bracket to insure the supporting stability

  • Output power regulation +/-0.05EV

  • Idle setting to save battery electricity

  • Built-in thermostat to avoid overheat

  • Built-in photo slave

  • Working with all kinds of JTL lighting accessories

  • Optional Arm-handle and stand-bracket

  • Easy to carry with shoulder strap included

  • JTL Lithium Battery
  • No hazardous chemicals

  • No charge memory

  • No pollution

  • Field-replaceable battery clusters

  • Charge battery easy without a charger

  • Accept Multi-voltage power supply 85V-240V AC, 50Hz-60Hz

  • Luminous indications: battery energy, charge complete and malfunction warning

  • 1000 flashes (300ws in full) or 500 flashes (600ws in full) per charge

  • easy to carry with a satchel included

  • Battery size: 8"x5.5"x2.5"

  • Battery weight: 3Lb

  • 12V. DC safe working voltage

  • Portable compact design

  • Self protection for inappropriate applications

  • Code: 2470 Li-Battery Output Box with Case

    Code: 2468 Li-Battery

    Code:  2466 Mobilight DC-600

      Code:  2462 Mobilight DC-600 With
                       Li-Battery and Output Box
    Code:  2464 Mobilight 300 (two) with
                        Li-Battery and Output Box

    Replacement Parts
    Code:  2472 AC Adapter for Li-Battery
    Code:  2474 Power Cord for AC Adapter
    Code:  2476 DC Cable for Mobilight DC-600
    Code:  2478 Modeling Lamp for Mobilight DC-600, 12V/10W, Base E14
    Code:  2418 Modeling Lamp for Mobilight 300,12v/10w, Base E27
    Code:  2480 Flash Tube for Mobilight DC-600
    Code:  2521 Synch Cord
    Code:  2221 7Ħħ Standard Reflector
    Code:  2121 Stand Fixture
    Code:  2116 250V/8A Fuse
    Code:  2482 Arm Handle
    Optional Accessories
    Code: 2311 Digital Remote Receiver Code: 2310 Digital Remote Controller

    Code:  2482 Arm Handle       Handle with 1/4Ħħ thread socket for arm and tripod holding-up  

    Code:  2476 Code:  2478 Code:  2480 Code:  2221
    Code: Description
    2476 DC Cable for Mobilight DC-600
    2478 Modeling Lamp, 12V/10W, base E-14
    2480 Flash Tube for Mobilight DC-600
    2221 7" Standard Reflector
    2521 Synch Cord
    2121 Stand Fixture
    2116 250V/8A Fuse



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