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Versalight J-160
   JTL Versalight J-160 is a quality strobe light at an exceptional value for commercial studios, location photographers, photo schools, students, and amateurs as well.

- Remote sensor/slave
- Audio signal to alert you of recharge completion, ready to use
- Fixed reflector and power cable
- Continuous power adjustor with fine-setting clutches
- Angle-adjustable bracket with built-in umbrella holder
- Dual-locking stand adapter for studio rail system installation
- Color-temperature corrected (5,600K) circle flash tube
- Available in 110V-130V, 60Hz and 220-240V, 50Hz (special order only)

Light Body & Rearward Control Panel

  Code: 1104 Versalight J-160 
Power Input: AC 110-130V, 60Hz
Output Power: 160 WS (joule) in Full
Guide No.(ISO 100, Ft): 120
Color Temperature: 5600K
Flash Tube Lifetime: Over 8,000 Typical Flashing
Power Setting: 1/8 to Full Continuously
Recharge Time: 0.5-3 Seconds in Full
Flashing Duration: 1/600 Sec. @t=0.1; 1/1000 sec. @t=0.5
Slave Effectiveness: 35 Ft
Lighting Range: 55 Degree
Modeling Power: Halogen Quartz 75W
Bulb Base: JD E-14 Screw
Synch Voltage: 3V
Fuse: 5A
Dimension: ø3-3/4"กม 7-1/2" (ø100 mm กม 195 mm)
Weight: 1.8 LB

Each Unit of Versalight J-160 Contains:
Qty Description
1 Light Head w/Built-In Power Cable
1 Synch Cord
1 Modeling Lamp

Accessories for Versalight J-160

Code Description
1215 Snoot
1216 4 Leaf Barn Doors
1221-1 Art Work Set: Barns Doors, 4 Color Gels & Honey Comb
(Turn off the modeling lamp of the light when you use this accessory)
2110 Universal Infrared Sender w/HS-PC Cord (triggers the built-in slave on the light):
Triggering Voltage: 5V
Battery: 4 of AA
Triggering Installation: Camera hot-shoe or through the PC cord
2112 Infrared Sender E (triggers the built-in slave on the light):
Triggering Voltage: 5V
Battery: 2 of AA
Triggering Installation: Camera hot-shoe

1223 Soft Box w/ Metal Ring, 24"x24"
1226 Soft Box w/Metal Ring, 20"x28"
2523 Soft Box w/Metal Ring, 18"x18"
2114 DigiFirer Radio Trigger
2118 DigiFirer Radio Receiver
2224 DigiFirer Radio Trigger & Receiver Set

Parts for Versalight J-160
Code Description
1212 10' Synch Cord
2115 5A Fuse for J-160
1224 Stand Fixture
1220 Modeling Lamp, 75W
1227 Flash Tube for J-160
(Please do not attempt to change/remove the flash tube on the J-160 yourself.
The light must be sent back to the manufacturer for removal or replacement of the flash tube).

Versalight J-160 Kit
Code: 91101 Code: 91104 Code: 91105 Code: 91106 Code: 91108 Code: 92200 Code: 92201 Code: 93190 Code: 93245 Code: 93300


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